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Neville Bourke

Fascinated with the psychology of people and organisational change, Neville has devoted much of his life’s work to organisational behaviour, design and development. Neville’s expertise allows him to address the complex people issues associated with change and guide organisations to real, achievable solutions.

Neville has worked across a range of diverse sectors including Financial Services, Medical Devices and Medtech, Agri & Food, Electronics and Social Care. He holds a primary degree in Business Studies (Human Resources), a graduate diploma in Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (both from University of Limerick), and an M.Sc. (Mgmt) in Organisational Behaviour from Trinity College Dublin. He was awarded the Charles Harvey Award for academic excellence in 2003.

Neville also holds an Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching (AMEC) from the Hult International Business School and is also a registered member of the British Psychological Society as a Tester for Occupational, Personality and Ability Assessments.

Phone: +353 87 825 6208

Email: neville.bourke@futurus.ie

Ronan Myler

Resolving systemic people challenges in business is Ronan’s passion. An executive leader and human resources management expert, Ronan has designed and led multifaceted transformation strategies in complex and challenging environments.

During his career, he has gained deep insight into what it takes to create the right type of culture and people strategies that grow and sustain high performance from front-line sales and service, large scale operations and IT. Having represented employees in his early career and now with over fifteen years’ experience as a member of executive teams, he brings a unique lens and ability to assess behaviors, interests and motivations at all levels in organizational life.

Ronan holds a BA in Industrial Relations and Human Resources, an M.Sc. in Organizational Behaviour from Trinity College and an Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching (AMEC) from the Hult International Business School.

Phone: +353 87 908 0287

Email: ronan.myler@futurus.ie

Liz Pieters

Liz has been an Executive Coach and Advisor for 15 years, helping senior leaders to transform themselves and their organizations. She is amongst coaches who master ”relational coaching”, blending business leadership experience and expertise with personal insight to co-create positive results, in service of the client.

With a background spanning global leadership, operations, sales and professional services: senior leadership in a Fortune 100 organisation, and operational leadership in entrepreneurial organizations where success was predicated on service delivery, Liz brings a leadership view and high level of business acumen & practice. Of special note: Liz successfully rose through the ranks to become an executive, when being a female in an executive position was somewhat unprecedented.

Liz holds a BT Honors in Computer Science/ Business, and an Ashridge M.Sc. in Executive Coaching, Hult International Business School. Achieving a Master’s degree from an international school has uniquely enabled Liz to embody deep understanding not only of U.S. culture, but of cultures across the world.

Phone: +1 585 750 8987

Email: liz.pieters@futurus.ie

Niamh Newman

Niamh is a highly effective Learning & Development professional, with a strong track record over 15 years as a strategic learning business partner, trainer and coach in leading management consultancy and financial services companies.

She earned a Master’s Degree in Economics from UCD and is a qualified coach, trainer and facilitator; she is a Qualified Financial Adviser and holds a Diploma in Executive Coaching, in addition to being an accredited MBTI practitioner.

She is fascinated by how individuals, teams and organisations can work more effectively and uses the latest insights from neuroscience, behavioural economics and global learning industry bodies to build solutions that are aimed at tapping into participant motivations to maximise skill development and sustain behavioural change.

Niamh combines her commercial experience, relationship management roles and managing teams, with her Learning and Development expertise to bring a depth of business acumen to her solutions and a keeps sharp focus on results.

Phone: +353 86 193 4798

Email: niamh.newman@futurus.ie